Happyphotobooth can become a very useful tool for any corporate event or promotion. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables the collection of emails and data from users for future use by you. It enables your employees or consumers to instantly share the photo on their personal facebook or instagram account, with a preset hashtag and like on a specific facebook page of your choice.

In addition, its external surfaces, and even the photos are offered for branding use, so as to increase brand awareness.

The material of the entire event is sent to you, while it becomes available on our site, in a special album that is created and unlocked only with the unique code of your event.

With happyphotobooth you can…

  • Stand out from afar
    It stands out from afar and is sure to be the centerpiece of your event!
  • Photo immediately
    The photo is printed instantly and your guests can keep a souvenir of your event.
  • Unique memories
    You can choose the style of the photo printed as well as the background of the print – green screen background. You can place your logo as well as a slogan to be printed on the photo of your event!
  • Fun
    Renting a photobooth offers the most fun for your guests and gives a fun impression of your brand.
  • Email
    Ability to send the photo directly to the personal email of your guests.
  • Social Media
    Ability to instantly share the photo on your guests’ Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Funny props
    Funny mustaches, glasses, hats and also tags with sayings will give a more fun feel to your guests’ photos.
  • For all
    It is aimed at all ages and those who wish to keep a souvenir photo from your event. Young and old will enjoy it!
  • High quality
    Happyphotobooth offers high quality photography and printing equipment to provide you with high quality photos.

Organization of weddings, baptisms, parties

We take care of the organization of your wedding, christening or party down to the smallest detail.

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Sound and lighting coverage | Hire DJs

We undertake the sound and lighting coverage of every event.

We also provide professional Djs who can make your events soar.

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We provide a full range of photography, videography and aerial photography services with drones.

About us

happyphotobooth.gr by happiness

Happyphotobooth specializes in photo booth rental services for individuals and professionals. It is a subsidiary company of happiness, which with a presence in the Greek market for over 20 years, specializes in Event Marketing.

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